Top 5 Online Marketing Myths Vanquished

In todays connected world, online marketing occupies a vital position in an organization’s business. However, this same importance leads to many myths and imperfections being propagated all over the internet. It is essential to get the basics right and strive to get your online campaign well off the ground.

Below are 5 online marketing myths to dispel:

It is a common misconception that search engine marketing or SEM cannot be measured. This wrong message has forced companies to spend millions in online campaigns with nothing to account for. There are specific google reports available, some paid and free, to gauge how your campaign is faring. Having specific online marketing objectives and goals is vital for a company to determine the overall effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

2)No more Direct mail
With every business communication taking place via emails now, the online space has become cluttered and messy. To come out of such a crowded place, you can use direct mail. It is false belief that direct mail is now for an organization that come from the age of dinosaurs. Mails which are sent directly still has the power to make a difference and can be utilized effectively when used in collaboration with the digital medium.

3)Big data is evil
Online marketing can give a plethora of data which can be tedious to manage. Companies who often indulge in online marketing can face the daunting task of analyzing huge amounts of data. But with the help of an SEM services company, those large chunks of data can be an eye opener to exciting and impactful marketing experience. Analytics of big data can be useful in determining which areas are most relevant to the campaign and where to spend precious resources. There are many internet marketing service providers in Mumbai and other metros who would gladly help you out in your analysis.

4)Requirement of big budget
Online marketing can be done with a small marketing budget. It is great but not vital for having a big budget on hand to do any kind of marketing activities. Ensuring that your page of the campaign has a high number of followers and fans are enough to propagate the idea. This negates the requirement of having large monetary resources. Companies who are using search engine optimization or SEO services should focus on having relevant content and should make sure their efforts bring the maximum number of followers.

5)Video is very important
Online videos take a lot of time to buffer and is usually a drag on resources. Most of marketing videos are of a poor quality and does not contribute much in terms of lead. A marketing video should only be made when you have the proper human as well as IT resources. It should be well constructed and should have a proper flow and meaning.

Stop following the above 5 myths to ensure that you spend your precious time doing quality online marketing campaign.