How to Reach The Top Google Search Algorithm In 2020 After Coronavirus Effects On The E-Commerce?

If there is any change regarding E-commerce, it is the fact that it has become the means of getting things done more, these days. Since its advent, it has always been a means; butthe COVID-19pandemic accelerated its use. Know how to optimize your market by accessing marketing optimization advices.

Food and other household items, fashion items, a lot of other stuff, including education is now increasingly being marketed online. And since, everyone wants to be the leading voice to a wide range of audience online, the competition is becoming tougher. So, what are the keys to being on top of this game? Emphasizing location is one of the ways.

 We have outlined a few things to take note of. And we are sure they will be useful to your appearing top in Google’s search. Click to get more information about Ez Seo News .



Pay attention to your keywords. Websites that turn in more leads from Google search make sure to use long-tailed keywords, comprising of ‘burning’ words. ‘Burning’ wordmeanthe most popular word around, and the word a lot of people type in their searches, WebFx advises.

The advantage is that not only people who search specifically on Google would get to see such a site. The site would also be seen by people who type in one or two words related to the ones included in the keywords.

The longer the keyword, the higher the chances of it being typed by someone searching for it; then, the higher the probability that your site would be seen and visited. Once Google notices a lot of visits and re-visits, they deem your site relevant and make them appear more often in searches.


Having other people link a page in your site also increases the credibility of the information in your site and its appearance in Google’s search. Take note that not just any kind of backlink-high quality backlinks are advised.

Genuinely commenting on other people’s blog, or answering questions on Reddit, or Quora help the quality of your backlinks. Helping people will make them want to know who you are. You could even state your point and legally refer them to your site.

Co-publishing contents on other people’s site is also another way of increasing the quality of your backlinks. Co-publishing also shows that you are involved in that niche and are doing well in the community. Google makes use of this also to rank people.


The caliber of your content is also essential to your ranking high in Google’s search results. High quality content is highly attractive. Content should also be engaging to decrease the bounce rate and increase the time people spend on your pages. It is essential that contents are updated regularly.

Creating content based on the circumstances at spectacular times like the COVID-19 or the recent hurricane Laura could really push leads, although, just for the periods of time of the occurrences. Look out for a lot of questions about health, and how to live well in the period, then, try to answer those questions to get people’s attention.