8 Things You Need To Work in France as a Foreigner

You probably already knew all the benefits of living in France.  the standard of living is remarkable and the working conditions are great.

The strict labour laws protect employees from exploitation and other forms of labour inequalities that exist in many other countries.

However, it may not be easy to find a permanent or a stable job in France specially for foreigners.

There are some strict regulations that one must abide by before being granted the permission to work in France.

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For those who prefer to work and find a stable job within France here are  all the things you need to have;

1.  Temporary residence permit

The first document that must have with you is a residence permit. It can be a permanent resident permit or a temporary residence permit. The basic minimum is a temporary residence permit.

2.  Work permit 

You must have a permit that allows you to work  in France. Get a work permit you must apply two months  prior to beginning the work.

3. Talent Passport for Non-Eu members 

If your employer is in fun and you want to move to France for work then you must acquire Talent passport.

Talent passport requirement for all non EU members. The cost for this type of visa is 269 euros and may vary depending on the regulations applicable at that time.

The talent passport please valid for four years and can be renewed and extended.

Applicable to people who already have a permanent employment contract or a fixed employment contract with at least 12 months.

The best part about this is that it can be extended to your spouses and children.

4.  Work Visa

Any foreigner intending to work in France must have a working Visa.

Before moving to France you apply for a work visa and when in France you can extend your work visa or if you’re a foreign student, you can apply once you get a job for a work visa.

When you’re applying for a work visa you are expected to submit the contract of employment from your employer.

The legality of your employment contract will be assessed to see whether you are eligible for a work permit or a work permit extension. When everything has been checked and complied with you will be granted a work visa.

Work visa can either be;

  • Business work visa
  • Long term work visa
  • Short stay work visa

5.  Self-employed visa 

For those people who intend to move to France to start a self-employed business the bar is a little bit higher.

You’ll have to show your passport followed by your business licence which has been successfully incorporated in France or legally being operated within France, at the branch of the business is in France.

You also have to submit company statements to show all the information about your businesses and its income or expected income.

6.  Health Insurance 

It is a mandatory requirement that everybody in France and outside France have health insurance cover.

You can get French health insurance through the universal healthcare system for ex-pats.

Your health insurance may also be covered by your employer but you’ll have to show proof of employment in France for that to apply.

7. Proof of accommodation

It will be necessary to prove you have accommodation in France for the sake of filling out address information on your application.

8.  No criminal record 

It is almost a requirement in every country that a person should not have any criminal record.

While you may still get a job even with a criminal record chance are it’s going to be hard to find a job.

Ensure you have a clean criminal record before applying for any job and maintain it that way even after you get a job.