Types Of Banner Advertising

The most famous form of advertising on the Internet’s World Wide Web is currently banner advertising. Banner ads are the most accepted form of advertising that helps in making good money. Banner ads will make money and an advertiser can earn money by driving lot of traffic to the site in order to increase the number of clicks on the banner ad. Tracking the traffic will give you a incredible idea about the scope of the banner ad. A banner ads works exactly on the concept of advertising where it aims to take the attention of users, creates an interest and desire to know more and lastly expects an action from them to click the banner ad. Continue reading “Types Of Banner Advertising”


Top 5 Online Marketing Myths Vanquished

In todays connected world, online marketing occupies a vital position in an organization’s business. However, this same importance leads to many myths and imperfections being propagated all over the internet. It is essential to get the basics right and strive to get your online campaign well off the ground.

Below are 5 online marketing myths to dispel:

It is a common misconception that search engine marketing or SEM cannot be measured. This wrong message has forced companies to spend millions in online campaigns with nothing to account for. There are specific google reports available, some paid and free, to gauge how your campaign is faring. Having specific online marketing objectives and goals is vital for a company to determine the overall effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Continue reading “Top 5 Online Marketing Myths Vanquished”


A Revolutionary Home Based Business Opportunity

A home based business opportunity sounds like such a great way to make some extra money. In fact millions of people go on the internet thinking that their financial worries will soon be over. They have dreams of telling their boss that they quit. They start making plans to buy that new car and even a new house. I know because that was me two years ago.

When the first work from home business opportunity that promised me that I would soon be retired didn’t work out, I just joined another one. And then another one. And before I knew Continue reading “A Revolutionary Home Based Business Opportunity”

Tips for First Time Mutual Fund Investor

Investment is always a long term plan and therefore it is important that one should be more careful and must have essential knowledge about it. Among ample of investment options available in the market, mutual fund is the most useful and fruitful investing idea. It comes with a long term prospective for an investor. Before we discuss mutual fund schemes or other related issue, first it is good idea to know basic about it. So, here is a little bit information about mutual fund.

What is mutual fund?

It is defined as an investment product in which investors funds are combined into an investment product. Later on, this product is invested in stocks, bonds, shares etc. to get a good return in future.

You can invest in mutual fund plans through various modes like bank, direct plans, independent financial advisor, and wealth management firm and through online brokers. Well, if you are a player of the game, you must know the rules; instead, being a first time investor you need to know a few points. Here is a key point:

Updated KYC document: This is first and the foremost step after which you can invest in mutual funds. In India, it comes under government regulation for financial transactions.


Must have fixed targets:  An investor needs to define budget, tenure and financial plans to know how much amount is need to put aside for an investment.

Risk consideration and selection of suitable fund type: Higher return schemes have more chances of risk. Being a first time investor, it is not advisable, but if an investor really wants, then he can choose equity funds; else, debt funds is a perfect choice with less risk and low investment.

Always chose one fund: Always choose one fund and must consider factors like fund manager credentials, expense ratio, assets under management and also portfolio components.

Select SIPs: For the first time investor, SIPs are the perfect choice that helps to expand investment and that too at different market level.

Expert Advice: Investing in mutual funds is a tedious process as there is not just a single plan to choose. You must know risk factors and affordability of it. To be sure it is a good idea to get an assistance of an expert like Aryatrading, which is a leading name in trading industry.

Get an expert advice online or reach to them through easy clicks. Now everything is going online and therefore within comfort zone of your home, you can turn your strategies into your success.

This is an era where it is not so easy to find someone who can offer you simple yet modern view of trading. With Arya trading it is possible to get advantage of both. The experts combine manual and automated trading with ingenuity and practicality. Also, get fully hybrid system and customization solution by defying limits of traditional methods.

Optimize money ratio and shape your strategies with regular market analysis along with maximizing reward ratio for optimized earning.

The Relevance of Coronavirus to Starting an Online Business

One of the highlights of the year 2020 was the Coronavirus outbreak that affected the entire world. Little did anyone know that the virus wasn’t only going to eat deep into the human body but also businesses. Most businesses became forced to fold up.

Other business owners saw the opportunity created by online platforms and grabbed it. Coronavirus set up the pace for how fast people could save their businesses through different online platforms. Suppose you wish to know the necessary information about how best to achieve an excellent online base for your business. In that case, you can read about online companies on Collected.reviews, a platform that allows you to read other people’s opinions and experiences.


The following are the relevance of the pandemic to the initiative of starting an online business: –

1. The reduction of physical interaction

One of the pandemic relevance to the initiation of an online business is the reduction of physical interaction. This reduction, in turn, helps to reduce the widespread of the Coronavirus. Therefore, you can say that the need for social distancing brought about the reasoning for seizing the opportunity of running an online business. You can read reviews on how the start of online companies reduces the widespread of the virus.

2. Preservation of business and employees

Another relevance that the pandemic brought to the online business industry is the preservation of businesses and employees. Although some companies got forced to shut down, others that ceased the online platform could preserve their businesses and their employees. For instance, some physical fashion stores and restaurants moved up their sales to online spaces with the offer of home delivery. That way, the business has taken another dimension to preserve itself.

3. More visibility and acknowledgment for online businesses

Before now, it was relatively easy to overlook the essence and relevance of online platforms to businesses’ sales and profit-making. However, with the pandemic hovering over the world, eyes opened to several ways through which companies can get up their game in the online spaces.

Hence, starting an online business during this pandemic outbreak gives the opportunity of visibility and acknowledgment for the business (both physical and online). The pandemic also made business owners focus on the relevance of online reviews to their businesses’ success. Hence, now more than ever, most companies lean significantly on online reviews for their visibility boost on online platforms as competition has become heightened.

4. Introduction of new strategies to help boost online presence

For businesses that have already had their grip in the online space, the pandemic made business owners think and restrategize how to survive in the competitive business industry. Hence, business owners now have to introduce new strategies to boost online presence and general sales for profit-making goals. For instance, they can come up with the utilization of SEO tools and the development of an easy to navigate website to help achieve the purpose of boosting online visibility and presence. Therefore, if you wish to know more about the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak on online businesses, you can read about other people’s opinions and experiences on reliable online review platforms.


Suppose you wish to start your online business or hope to transform your physical store business to online platforms. In that case, you need to know how the pandemic is affecting the entire business industry.

Therefore, you need to make time to read reviews about different online stores to make your transitioning process easy. For instance, you can read about Bulk Office Supplies to know more about the products and services they have to offer.

How to increase traffic to your online business

In internet marketing, traffic is a key element of success. You must be able to drive people to go to wherever you are on the internet. However, it is not as simple as ABC to drive traffic to your website. You need to use the right strategies. Here are some of the proven strategies you can use.

Write on topics that have high traffic potential

For you to drive traffic to your website, you need to have prepared an attention-grabbing article in the first place. Target the hot topics within your industry and write on them. Use keywords explorers to find out the high-volume but less competitive keywords relevant to your idea. Also, search for low-competition content ideas that can easily be ranked. You can use a content explorer for that. Write an interesting article based on your findings.

Utilize online review platforms

The use of online reviews platforms is very important if you want to generate traffic for your online business. This is considering that most people now read online reviews before they patronize a particular brand. When you have your business listed on an online reviews platform and various customers you have served provide good reviews for you, your business will benefit from it. The importance of online reviews is applicable to both customers and business owners. Hence, it is important to make sure you have your online business listed on review platforms and encourage your customers to regularly leave reviews for you if they are happy with the quality of product or service you have provided them.


This is a proven tactic you can use to rank easily on search engines. Write for other blogs and ensure the owner of the site links your article back to your site. This way, you will get increased referral traffic, more eyes on your brand and lots of backlinks. Look for blogs that are willing to take on contributors. You should go for high-profile blogs.

Use online communities as a platform to promote your content

Online communities are also a good source of traffic; most of your audience hangs out there. These online communities include Reddit, Facebook groups, Twitter, etc. join the ones you can easily navigate and be active in them. Do not spam these online groups, you would find yourself out the door in no time. What you should rather do is to build value and influence in the group, relate with other members and be friendly with the group admin.

Utilize Quora

As a Question & Answer site, Quora is a platform you can get traffic from. Get on board and create an account. Answer questions within your industry, be sure to provide insightful answers. This way, you will establish yourself as an authority and people will seek you out. Over time, you will notice a buildup of traffic to your site. You can also join spaces which allow people on Quora to form communities and build relationships. Use the AIDA, A- Attention, I- Interest, D- Desire and A- Action, model when providing answers to questions.

Feature on podcasts

Podcasts are gradually becoming one of the hottest marketing channels, but it requires time and resources to build a podcast. You will need guests, content ideas, equipment, etc. As such if you cannot start a podcast, look for one to be featured on. You can use Google to find podcast opportunities, you can ask from your social circle about it too. Ensure that the podcast ideals are in line with your niche. Start and then scale it up.

Collaborate, not compete

It is time to drop the competition mentality and focus on winning with others. Look for brands that offer products that complement yours and collaborate with them. As you work together, you will promote each other’s audiences. If you do not have an idea on how to begin, look for answers to problems that both audiences have. Collaboration is more effective and leaves no enmity.

Get on YouTube

This is another way to grow your websites. If you do not have a YouTube account, open one and start uploading videos on it. Use keywords to rank your video content on YouTube. Even with a smaller audience, it is possible to get high views for your videos. Unlike Google, everyone has equal opportunity to rank. As long as your videos encourage people to spend more time on the platform, YouTube will help increase your visibility.

Repurpose content regularly

To drive traffic to your website, you need to churn out high-quality content on your platforms always. This may be strenuous as it is not easy coming up with content. You can just simply republish the post on your website on Medium. You can turn it into video content and upload it on YouTube. You can turn it into an audio content and publish it as a podcast episode. Since a lot goes into content creation, you should extend its shelf life. Through these various means, you will win yourself audiences from different platforms.

As much as you follow these tips, you can also try out other ideas. If they work for you, repeat and scale the process. If they do not, try other strategies. The goal is not to be limited, the goal is to drive traffic to your website.

Silver Bars or Silver Coins – What’s Best for You?

Buy Silver

People have been trading silver since 600 BC and they are still investing in this precious metal today. There are many reasons why people still invest in silver. We will look at the major ones.

Diversification of investment portfolio

Savvy investors know how true the adage: “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is. It means that it isn’t safe or smart to put all your money into one asset. Silver is an asset you can include in your investment portfolio. How much silver you invest in compared to other investments like stocks bonds or gold will depend on how strongly you feel about the metal.

Silver as a hedge

Silver is a rare, precious metal. Its supply is not infinite which makes it a great hedge against inflation. Fiat currency gets printed every year and this causes inflation and makes the dollar lose its value. On average, the inflation rate hovers around 1-3%. This might seem small but it adds up over time. On the other hand, silver can’t just be produced, its limited supply means there is less of it in circulation. When the demand outweighs supply, the price of any asset will go up and this is also true for silver. However, unlike fiat currency, which is used for only one thing, silver has many other uses in various industries like the automobile industry, in medicine, in power generation and transmission and so many others. This usefulness makes silver a most sought-after metal and a great store of wealth.

The question silver investors would ask is: “should I buy silver bullion bars or bullion coins?” Let’s look at these options individually so you can decide the one that is best for you.

Silver Bars

  • Silver bullion bars have lower premiums than bullion coins which means they will be cheaper to buy.
  • Silver bars are stackable and therefore easier to store.
  • Unlike silver coins, silver bars aren’t easy to lose or misplace.
  • When you buy silver bullion bars you pay less of a premium and get them at a price that is close to the spot price. The premium will depend on the size of the bar and the value of your order. Usually, the premium is less for big orders and bigger bars. You can expect to pay at least a 5% premium for large silver bars.

The silver might be a much sought-after but when given a choice between bars and coins, most investors gravitate toward silver coins.

What’s the allure of silver coins?

Silver bullion coins are valued for the amount of silver contained in them, but some coins have collectible value.  You can buy small amounts of coins or larger amounts – it depends on what you can afford. You can spend as little as a couple of dollars for an ounce of silver and stack your coin collection regularly.  The biggest disadvantage with silver coins is the large premiums The American Eagle Silver coins are the most popular silver bullion coins. When buying these you may pay $2-3 over the spot or a premium of 15 to 25% premiums. The high premium means that you will get less silver for the bucks you pay. However, the premium goes down when you buy in bulk.

How to Reach The Top Google Search Algorithm In 2020 After Coronavirus Effects On The E-Commerce?

If there is any change regarding E-commerce, it is the fact that it has become the means of getting things done more, these days. Since its advent, it has always been a means; butthe COVID-19pandemic accelerated its use. Know how to optimize your market by accessing marketing optimization advices.

Food and other household items, fashion items, a lot of other stuff, including education is now increasingly being marketed online. And since, everyone wants to be the leading voice to a wide range of audience online, the competition is becoming tougher. So, what are the keys to being on top of this game? Emphasizing location is one of the ways.

 We have outlined a few things to take note of. And we are sure they will be useful to your appearing top in Google’s search. Click to get more information about Ez Seo News .



Pay attention to your keywords. Websites that turn in more leads from Google search make sure to use long-tailed keywords, comprising of ‘burning’ words. ‘Burning’ wordmeanthe most popular word around, and the word a lot of people type in their searches, WebFx advises.

The advantage is that not only people who search specifically on Google would get to see such a site. The site would also be seen by people who type in one or two words related to the ones included in the keywords.

The longer the keyword, the higher the chances of it being typed by someone searching for it; then, the higher the probability that your site would be seen and visited. Once Google notices a lot of visits and re-visits, they deem your site relevant and make them appear more often in searches.


Having other people link a page in your site also increases the credibility of the information in your site and its appearance in Google’s search. Take note that not just any kind of backlink-high quality backlinks are advised.

Genuinely commenting on other people’s blog, or answering questions on Reddit, or Quora help the quality of your backlinks. Helping people will make them want to know who you are. You could even state your point and legally refer them to your site.

Co-publishing contents on other people’s site is also another way of increasing the quality of your backlinks. Co-publishing also shows that you are involved in that niche and are doing well in the community. Google makes use of this also to rank people.


The caliber of your content is also essential to your ranking high in Google’s search results. High quality content is highly attractive. Content should also be engaging to decrease the bounce rate and increase the time people spend on your pages. It is essential that contents are updated regularly.

Creating content based on the circumstances at spectacular times like the COVID-19 or the recent hurricane Laura could really push leads, although, just for the periods of time of the occurrences. Look out for a lot of questions about health, and how to live well in the period, then, try to answer those questions to get people’s attention.