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surginet.info The Russian Surgical Network is an international discussion club of Russian-speaking surgeons. The theme of the club is professional discussion of any aspects of surgery. The club works around the clock. Membership in the Club is free of charge. The areas of the club's work are our projects. The most popular and visited of them is the Russian Surginet mail conference. Communication takes place by e-mail in Russian.
For those who have recently been working on the Internet and have no idea what it is about, we suggest watching our presentation about the Club
The history of our Club can be found in more detail in the section of the Russian Surginet project.
The founder and ideological inspirer of the club website is Oleg Igorevich Blinnikov. Initially, the site was created as a support for the central project - the Russian Surginet and RS-Chat mail conference. But now it is a powerful information and discussion resource for professionals directly related to surgery. We are very grateful to Bekkhan Khatsiyev for a lot of work done for our club website, in fact, his appearance is the painstaking work of Bekkhan Bayalovich... but all these external changes and technical improvements have not in the least changed the nature of communication in the Club, where our scientific and personal life, successes and failures, friendship and dislike, joy and sadness are mixed...
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